Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Celebs LOVE Disney!

Well everyone does lol

Our buddy Nick Jonas KILLED it at The Orlando House of Blues in Downtown Disney errr Disney Springs this weekend!

Not only did he perform but he got to take in the parks too along with buddy Kate Hudson.  The two were spotted on Rock And Roller Coaster and it got me thinking that's usually the ride celebrity's are spotted riding...

Ok wait maybe Dumbo.... 

Dumbo I can see because it's outside and who doesn't love Dumbo! Rock N Roller Coaster is a crowd favorite but idk about you but when I'm about to go on it I'm in a panic to put everything away so it doesn't fall out on the ride that taking a pic of a celebrity is just not going to happen... unless you take a photo of their photo at the end.... 

Have you ever seen a celeb in Disney?! 
We saw Melissa Joan Hart on the Jungle Cruise this trip lol

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