Friday, August 21, 2015


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Can they please get to together for a reunion episode though! Or movie...

Please excuse me while I rematch every episode!


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Once Upon A... Dark Emma!!!


We talked about going to Camelot along with new faces like Merlin, Merida and King Arthur but now take a look at what's to come...



Hook we need you save Emma!!! Rumor has it Merlin and Regina will be working on that one plus let's not forget about Regina's love triangle :(

Season 5 is going to be very epic!

Thoughts? Predictions?!


D23 What We Know So Far

Morning Mouseketeers!

Another day of dreaming we were at the D23 Expo. Before we get even more jealous let's recap what we've learned so far...

Movies- We are getting some pretty promising movies ahead from Pixar to Marvel (catch up on more below)

Parks- Both Disneyland and Disney World are getting 14 acre Star Wars Lands that will bring us direct to this popular universe with new rides, updates to Star Tours, and fireworks... again more details below, and while you're checking that out that look at this epic Toy Story Land too! Hollywood Studios is getting a facelift baby!

We got more details on the new Norway Pavillon in Epcot and you can rest knowing that all buildings and atmosphere will be taken out of Norway! The Pavillon will not be all Frozen although the star attraction will be Frozen Ever After.  Disney promises to keep in the tradition of World Showcase while sending you on a Frozen Fun Trip :) And how cute does Sven look... Epcot Update

Oh and speaking of Epcot introducing Soarin Around The World!!! Instead of flying over California guests will fly all over the world... hopefully over the many Disneylands! Oh and the orange groves... love that!

Taking a quick ride to Animal Kingdom now where the talk seems to be focused on Avatar Land... while we've been skeptical we aren't as skeptical after yesterday... still some nerves though.  The thrilling world of Pandora will get even more thrilling in the new land's centerpiece, AVATAR Flight of Passage.  This attraction will let guests soar on on a Banshee over a vast alien world.

Also more details on nighttime at Animal Kingdom.  Rivers Of Light is going to be unlike anything else you've ever seen in Disney parks.  Live performers, floating lanterns, water screens and swirling  animal imagery will make this show a can't miss this spring... we're seeing an animal Fantasmic maybe?  Also set to take place when the sun goes down at Animal Kingdom is The Sunset Kilimanjaro Safaris featuring 2 new species. That's right African Wild Dogs and Hyenas!!!

We also learned about some new merchandise that will have us broke and more!! Updates on the way from that and today's fun.

Talk to ya soon,

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Another Land For Hollywood Studios

Anyone else jumping for joy yet?! Maybe this one will get you excited.... Coming to Hollywood Studios TOY STORY LAND!!! That's right announced at the D23 expo another land!

Told you this was gonna happen weeks ago but now it is official!! The new land will feature Little Green Men Flying Saucers (our alien friends of course) and The Slinky Dog Family Coaster

As always we will keep you updated on more details!!! Are your freaking yet?! ~CK 

Get On The Dark Side... Finally!!

After all the waiting it's official STAR WARS LAND IS COMING! And to both Disneyland and Disney World!! This will be the largest single themed land expansion EVER at 14 acres each... yup each! The Star Wars land will transport guests to a never before seen planet, a remote trading port and more!

Bob Iger: "The next chapter in the long and exciting history between Disney Parks and Star Wars [where] we are creating a jaw-dropping new world that represents our largest single themed expansion ever. These new lands at Disneyland and Walt Disney World will transport guests to a whole new Star Wars planet, including an epic Star Wars adventure that puts you in the middle of a climatic battle between First Order and the Resistance."

The lands will have 2 attractions and lots of characters and let's face it a lot of epicness we can't even imagine yet!!! More details coming soon!



We're all in this together.... Not being at the D23 Expo that is. Has the depression set in yet... yup! But have no fear your updates are here!

This is what we've learned so far (you know aside from the fact that we have to be there next year):

Finding Dory will be released on June 17, 2016 and what a cast! Of course Ellen Degeneres will be back as Dory and we learned earlier in the year that Ty Burrell will voice a beluga whale and now we have another Modern Family star added to the mix! Ed O'neill will voice Hank the octopus! 

Also going this amazing cast is Always Sunny In Philadelphia's Kaitlin Olson and as Dory's parents Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy... YES PLEASE!!! 

Zootopia is getting a lot of buzz at the expo as well. An amazing cast and concept already and now we have Shakira too!!! Her characeter, Gazelle, is a pop star that we know we are gonna find hysterical! 

Having a mega star in the movie means a new big hit for Disney? We think so... Shakira and Sia have a new original song for the film "Try Everything" that was sampled this weekend and mouseketeers went nuts over! This is a film we will for sure be going to the theater to see March 4th 2016!!!

Disney Animation also revealed plans for Gigantic, a new take on Jack and The Beanstalk that takes place in Spain. And of course we can't forget about Moana with Dwayne The Rock Johnson! He plays a god Maui who with the help of Moana finds out who he is... born a human raised by gods... yes things should be interesting! 

This is like the "Disney Comic Con" so very fitting we got some Marvel Phase 3 updates.... 

Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie were at the expo this morning to talk Captain America: The Civil War.... yup let that depression sink in! Before they showed some exclusive footage Chris Evans admitted that when he is having a bad day he goes online and watches Disney videos and then goes in his trailer and sings Let It Go... ok yea even more in love! 

We have a lot of Marvel characters in this one including Scarlett Witch, Hawkeye, Iron Man and yes Ant Man (who turns part fan boy in this one)!! Exclusive clips played featured an Easter Egg too... a container number 23 in cell D... get it!! This epic film is coming our way May 6th!!! 

Also at the expo Marvel presented more on Doctor Strange, which hasn't begun filming yet but promises to be the darkest and most difficult one to date.

Ok animation, Marvel and up next PIXAR!!! 

Aside from John Lasseter stealing the show with his epic line of shirts we also got news on what's to come for PIXAR! We know The Good Dinosaur comes out later this year, plus we talked about Finding Dory earlier,  so let's talk about Toy Story 4! A lot of nerves going into this one because we were told it was going to be very different from the rest and it will because it's Pixar's first full on love story and it will be between Woody and Bo Peep... that's right Bo Peep Baby!!! Coco is sure to be a crowd favorite as it is about Dia De Los Muertos. The film's main character is Miguel, a 12 year old who discovers a generational mystery that forever changes his fate... hmmm Brave anyone?! D23 expo also revealed there will indeed be a Cars 3 and Incredibles 2, which is currently in development!

Oh also we can't forget about the Pixar Short Riley's First Date... yup Riley from Inside Out! Oh the emotions!!! That will be released with the Inside Out DVD. 

Disney also talked about the upcoming sequel to Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland... Alice Through The Looking Glass features the original cast and hits theaters May 27, 2016! 

Ok so 2015 broke records for Disney but I think 2016 is going to be a showstopper as well! 
Which are you most excited about?!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Happy Birthday Thor!!

Happy Birthday to one of the amazing actors that makes up the Marvel Universe, Chris Hemsworth! We thank you for all you have done to make us smile... and swoon! To many more memories...

Calm Before The Storm....

Ok before lots of news breaks at this week's D23 Expo lets cover some new things we've learned this week...

Let's start with the new magic bands!!! I have about 20 no lie and still think there's room for more.. especially when they are this cute!!

Yup that's Figment you see.... PLUS loving these new magic sliders! They are so fun and perfect if you have a lot in the same color like myself!

We really do need new colors though.. Purple please! From Merchandise to another one of my favorite topics... FOOD!

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so maybe that's why Disney is adding Breakfast operating hours to some popular Disney restaurants.  Earlier this year Disney tested out earlier operating hours at Be Our Guest and looks like they are here to stay! Also The Garden Grill will be opening for Breakfast and finally lunch too!! So convenient to take a ride on Soarin then hang out with Mickey, Pluto and Chip and Dale in their farmer outfits! Menu details to come soon!

Now as far as things we may finally get confirmed at this week's "Disney comic con" we're thinking Hollywood Studios renovations including Star Wars Land, Magic Kingdom rumors, Marvel meets the parks, MyMagic+ coming to Disneyland, the latest for Disney Vacation Club.... oh how I wish I was going!

Lots of news coming soon... we will keep you posted

Eyes & Ears & CK?!

Eyes & Ears is a newsletter for Disney Cast Members and I can't even believe I am mentioned in their latest article!!! I briefly mentioned the article and got a few lovely Mouseketeers asking where they can see it. My Disney rep Donna was a sweetheart and sent me the clip and I just put the brief part up here to share. Thank you Donna and Disney for bringing even more Pixie Dust into my life!! Forever grateful!!!

"... This year marked our fourth 24 hour day and without a doubt it will not be our last! Guests and Cast Members as well as a few special guests couldn't help but soak in the magic of the day from getting to dress like their favorite characters to seeing their favorite characters in their pajamas while dancing the night away and celebrating the start of summer. But something that makes this event magical is the friendships we see form by our guests meeting for the first time online or at a dance party.  It's a truly rewarding feeling to see it happen, and even more rewarding when we too take away new friendships from these events. One of our new pals is a radio personality from NY, but we are convinced Christina Kay is really from an enchanted forest just past Fantasyland.  Christina rocked her Disney side with a blue Belle dress, an infectious smile and a Mouseketeer style that was so refreshing to see.  As a Disney Vacation Club Member and Annual Passholder who has skipped through many Disney events, this DJ ranks this towards the top of her Disney memory list. "To get to spend a full day in my favorite place all dressed up with my Mouseketeers is a dream come true," she says while beaming ear to ear. Christina Kay seems to do it all from being an on air personality and voice over artist to being a blogger and a consultant for a popular Disney line.  Christina's proudest project is her Disney radio show, Mouseketeer Radio. Her nickname "CK" is a word you may hear on Long Island often and something we heard a lot during the 24 hour event.  "I'm blown away by the amount of people who know who I am today... Mouseketeers are the best! I am living a dream today! Crossing off things on my Disney bucket list, which is rare for me, and just having a blast being myself and just frolicking. Plus the company is not bad either," she laughs while Eeyore walks towards her at The Crystal Palace. "Look at this stud, how could you not smile?" And smiling is something we saw her do all day at dance parties, taking pictures with listeners and characters and just as she said "frolicking" down Main Street. We couldn't help smile meeting this new Disney Princess.     "

OMG right?! So amazing! I guess I did smile a little... ok a lot! Check out the fun again HERE

The article also talks about Dove Cameron from Disney Channel, Radio Disney's Ernie D and some other guests... quite the company!

Have A Disney Day!