Monday, June 29, 2015

6/26/15 Disney Channel Original Movies Show

From the music of High School Musical, Camp Rock and Teen Beach to the classics of Pixel Perfect and Cadet Kelly this one is definitely takes the title of One Of Our Favorite Shows!!

PS What's your favorite DCOM?! 
~Christina (Sharpay)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Shawn Mendes Meets Disney!

Ok so what did you think of Teen Beach 2?! Crazy ending right!

Favorite Part of the night had to be the premiere of Shawn Mendes' music video Believe! This song will be featured in the upcoming DCOM The Descendants... looking forward to it!

In case you missed the video or want to see it again... Shawn Mendes- Believe

Friday, June 26, 2015

Disney Headlines Of The Week

Theme Parks:

Selfie sticks have become a growing safety hazard so Disney has announced that they will be banned for all of their Theme parks, water parks and Disney Quest


Disney has had a huge year in the box office and has officially passed the $1 billion mark and in record time too thanks to Cinderella, Avengers 2 and Inside Out!! I've seen all 3 and they do not disappoint! This is the 19th time Disney has hit this mark and the last time did so in 188 days and this year made that in 174! Go Disney Go Disney!! 

The Disney Channel Original Movie Teen Beach 2 Airs tonight... Are you excited?! I've checked out the movie and I must say fans won't be disappointed in this one! The dance numbers are bigger, there are some pretty funny moments and the music is great... my personally favorite is the song Ross Lynch wrote for the movie! 


Marc by Marc Jacobs is collaborating with Disney this holiday season for an Alice In Wonderland collection! This line will feature totes, backpacks, sunglasses, iPhone cases, sweatshirts and more and will feature both the animated interpretation as well as modern interpretations.

Have A Disney Day

Something New For Your Sweet Tooth...

Disney makes everything magical including Poop?! Ok let me explain...

Disney is not only known for it's magical abilities but their abilities to theme!

So where does this poop fit in? Well Disney is serving up desserts to resemble animal droppings.  Zuri's Cafe, one of the newest additions to Animal Kingdom, carries these... uh... delicacies?  

So let's break this down a little bt... no pun intended...

Elephant Poop- A Chocolate Peanut Butter fudge with oats and coconut flakes

Cotton Top Tamarian Poop- Chocolate Covered Pretzel Pearls

Hippo- Fudge Caramel Brownie with oats and Peanut Butter

Giraffe- Chocolate Fudge with Caramel

The new treats are actually getting good reviews and go for $3.99. Poop isn't the only thing this cafe sells.. there's also lollipops, wine and my favorite Rice Crispy Treats!!!

So would you try this new Disney poop?!


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You...

Inside Out premieres in just a few days so naturally we are thinking about what's next for Disney Movies and what we found may surprise you....

First let's talk sequels!

Maleficent did fantastic in the box office so why not a second installment?! Disney has confirmed the sequel but no word yet on if Angelina Jolie will return... they are writing the script with her in mind though so that's promising! No details just yet but I do hope we have Angelina... that will completely change the pace of the movie in my opinion!

Also even more exciting PRINCESS DIARIES 3!! YES PLEASE!!

It's apparently in the works but no word yet on if Anne Hathaway will be returning... again it would be a completely different movie without the leading lady! The producers haven't decided if they even want to include her or do a reboot of the movie... hmmmm....\
It's been 11 years since Princess Diaries 2 and wouldn't love to see how shes's doing as Queen and how Chris Pine's character is doing in the romance department... it can't just be me?! And of course we have to have Julie Andrews on board! We will keep you up to date on all the latest!

Ok now let's talk new films.... Another Pixar film will hit theaters later this year, The Good Dinosaur.  There were lots of rumors last year about the cast and now we've got our answers....

RAYMOND OCHOA (NBC’s “The Night Shift,” TNT’s “Rizzoli & Isles,” “Disney’s A Christmas Carol”) provides the voice of an Apatosaurus named Arlo.
  • JEFFREY WRIGHT (“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay” – parts I & II, HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire”) was tapped as the voice of Poppa, Arlo’s father.
  • STEVE ZAHN (“Captain Fantastic,” “Ridiculous Six,” “Rescue Dawn,” “Mad Dogs”) provides the voice of a pterodactyl named Thunderclap.
  • AJ BUCKLEY (TNT’s “Murder in the First,” FX’s “Justified”) voices a T-Rex called Nash.
  • ANNA PAQUIN (HBO’s “True Blood”) is the voice of T-Rex Ramsey.
  • SAM ELLIOTT (FX’s “Justified,” “I’ll See You In My Dreams,” “Grandma”) was called on as the voice of a tough T-Rex named Butch.
  • FRANCES MCDORMAND (HBO’s “Olive Kitteridge,” “Fargo”) was tapped as the voice of Momma, Arlo’s mother.
  • MARCUS SCRIBNER (ABC’s “black•ish”) voices Arlo’s brother Buck.
  • JACK BRIGHT (“Monsters University”) provides the voice of Arlo’s unlikely human friend, Spot.     (from

  • The movie is set to hit theaters Nov 25th and is focused around the idea what if the asteroid never hit earth and Dinosaurs never became extinct... of course it will be much nicer to see this in the world of Pixar rather than the real world!!

    And lastly we've talked about the new Haunted Mansion and Pirates movies coming out but could another Disney Attraction Based movie be on the horizon?! Well we've heard rumors... RUMORS... that a Big Thunder Mountain movie was brought to the table?! That could be very interesting! Any attractions you'd like to see be brought to the big screen!?

    Get your Disney Movie on,

    Saturday, June 13, 2015

    Disney Poll #1

    We all LOVE Disney and of course we all have our opinion on certain things from attractions to characters, movies and beyond! Since the show is about Mouseketeers and YOU are our Mouseketeers let's let your voice be heard!! Every week I want to start a poll and talk about them on the show!

    1st topic....

    Our Mouseketeer Amy L From Florida wrote us an email about Disney Alex and Ani's... I happen to know a thing or two or 20 about those ;)

    We were talking about how much we love them but how we want certain characters/ designs.  She said she needs a Winnie the Pooh one... Totally Agree! Let's Get our 100 Acre Woods Friends on a bangle!!!

    So it got me thinking what else they should make... Thoughts?!

    PS if you want a custom bangle my friend Brittany makes AMAZING ones!!! Send her an email

    This is the Mouseketeer Radio one she made me!


    Friday, June 12, 2015

    1st Look: Zootopia

    It's in the norm now to get a teaser trailer before the trailer and like the one with Olaf and Sven from the Frozen teaser trailer I enjoy this one for Zootopia... thoughts?!


    Facts on Zootopia: Lead Voices are Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow from ONCE!!), and the movie will hit theaters March 4, 2016 aka LESS THAN A YEAR!!! Also we will get some more Disney and Adam Young (Owl City) music... you know how much I love his hit from Wreck It Ralph!

    Oh and in case you don't remember the Frozen teaser here it is...


    Have A Disney Day!!!!


    Tuesday, June 9, 2015


    No not to be confused with Frozen Fever... This is an exclusive look at the upcoming boat ride in Norway.

    Maelstrom was a HUGE part of World Showcase for 27 years and Frozen has been out a little over a year and stealing the hearts of so many and officially part of Norway in Epcot.

    Coming May 2016 (projected opening date) : "What we try to do is take you back to the movie without retelling that story,” Ms. Mangum said of “Frozen Ever After.” “This is a celebration of the characters, a way for guests who love the film to experience it in a completely different way.”

    Also there will not be new songs in the attraction but there will be new lyrics to existing melodies... interesting... so instead of Let It Go are we singing We Won't Go?! I don't know but I am looking forward to it... Not the 5 hour wait though!!!

    (Looks like the ride vechiles and track are the same but def no more trolls... unless Kristoff's family is in it)
    ~Christina (Anna and Elsa depending on the day)


    Who's the leader of the ducks that's made for you and me...

    Happy Birthday Donald!!! Thank you for all the amazing memories, fits and for shaking your tail feather... We love you!!!


    Monday, June 8, 2015

    Disney and Vans and Secrets OH MY

    My name is Christina and I have a Disney shopping problem...

    And apparently I'm not the only one!!

    The Disney Vans line is selling out fast and I can totally see why! I have bought 2 pairs and already thinking about my next! 

    I bought the Multi Princess and Winnie The Pooh!

    And coolest part... you know aside from being Disney Vans but they have HIDDEN MICKEYS!!!

    SO BRILLIANT!!! Some styles are limited edition so get them while you can!! Oh and did I mention it's not just shoes but clothes and accessories too?! Look for my sister rocking this Donald backpack this fall in WDW! 

    Seriously so adorable!! Disney and Vans have Mickey, Minnie, Fab 5, Donald, Winnie The Pooh, Ariel, Jasmine, Multi Princess, Belle, and Villains, Hawaiin Disney (last 2 only available at Journeys) AND OMG The amazing staff of Vans at The Smithaven Mall (shootouts to my fellow Disney nerd Katie) let me in on an exclusive secret for my mouseketeers!!! Coming this fall an all new Disney line... You know I got you covered as soon as I can let you know!!!

    Have you checked out the Vans line yet?! Thoughts?! 


    LIVE From The Magic Kingdom!!!

    If you missed our LIVE Broadcast from The Magic Kingdom here it is....

    This was seriously the best day! 24 hours in Magic Kingdom how could it not....


    Have A Disney Day!!


    Oh and here's the video in case you haven't watched it yet....


    Sunday, June 7, 2015

    Disney Update 6/7/2015

    Disney headlines for the week....


    August 18th we will have a collection of our favorite Disney shorts (not the Pixar shorts) on Blu Ray!!! From Frozen Fever to Tangled Ever After and Get A Horse!!!! This is so exciting!!!

    The new live action remake of Beauty and The Beast will feature some new songs... gulp!! I just keep telling myself it's Alan Menken though...

    And something else that may make you a tad nervous but excited about... Disney is also working on a Sister Act remake! The writers of Legally Blonde, 10 Things I Hate About You and She's the Man are tackling this one but that's really the only details we have right now.


     (Photo and full story at

    Girl Meets World is doing great in it's second season and things are about to get even more interesting as we will see a reunion of Shawn and Angela.... yup that's happening!! Apparently the ending may not make us the happiest but it will be nice to see them together and how it all plays out! PS Chet, Jack, Mr. Turner and Rachel are set to make appearances this season as well... YAY!! (said like Cory of course)

    Tangled the TV Series!!! Yup true story! Oh and best part Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi will be reprising their roles as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider... cue the smolder!  The show will take place between the ending of the movie and Tangled Ever After. Tangled premieres on Disney Channel in 2017... I will set my DVR!


    Yes my favorite subject and it's making headlines this week with the collaboration of Disney and Vans!! Have you gotten a pair of these beauties?! You can find what is left on and also at some Shii stores... good luck!! I can't wait to receive mine in the mail :)

    Have a Magical Week!!!!