Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Windy Truth

It's a very windy weekend here on Long Island and I thought this was the perfect way to describe my morning.....

The truth hurts.  Be safe today... and go directly to a mirror when you get inside!! ~CK

New Things to Zip A Dee DO... get it :)

Lots of new updates in Walt Disney World this week...

First stop my favorite attraction Peter Pan's Flight got a bit of a face lift and a more modern one at that. How many of us have waited on line to ride this classic... it's rare you don't have to wait, unless you get a fastpass that is. Well the wait just got a little more bearable.  Disney unveiled a new type of interactive queue this week that I actually can't wait to wait on line for.... yea I actually just said that!

Now I haven't checked it out for myself yet but I hear it's adorable. "It makes you feel like you are actually in a scene from the movie" - WDW Cast member Kim

Have you seen this yet?! Thoughts?!

Next stop.... Hollywood Studios!
Today Disney is doing a soft open of the new Trolley Car Cafe Starbucks... and this is by far the coolest soft open... This morning all food and beverages are FREEEEEE!!! How much do you wish you were there right now!
Ok so we went on an attraction, refueled with Disney goodies next stop... some shopping!
Lots of changes are being made on a daily basis when it comes to the new Disney Springs but let's talk about how cool the new parking garage is... ok I know what you're thinking yes it's more available parking but it looks ehhh well, looks can be deceiving! This parking garage is the coolest by far! When you enter the garage there's a sign that tells you how many spots are empty in each level.  Then as you drive in a sign above each row will tell you how many spots are available in that row... and it gets even cooler there are actually lights above each spot that light up red if the spot is taken and green if it's free... No more fake outs from compact cars!! This is a dream come true... especially if you remember the old parking at Downtown Disney!
Lots of new things to Zip A Dee DO for your next visit!

New Disney Goodies

We are not only you're hosts of Mouseketeer Radio but apparently models as well lol

Will Bruner is going for a Frozen theme all bundled up and rocking CK's new Frozen headphones. One ear features Elsa the other Anna and the top of course says Let It Go. You can pick up these beauties at Hot Topic... ps they are on sale right now too!

Christina Kay is going for a Beauty and the Beast theme... which happens often.  This is a new piece to my collection. The tee is super comfy and super cute and the latest in Women's tees from The Disney Store (special 2 fer deal on these). What Beauty and the Beast outfit would be complete without a few accessories though?! Stained glass watch, Enchanted Rose necklace and a bunch of bracelets all from Hot Topic.... and you can't see it but you best believe I'm wearing a Belle Alex and Ani, back in stock at

Go check out these and other fun outfit ideas!

(ps the painting behind us is done by one of the most talented people! ForeverBeYou Creations can make the perfect pair of shoes for your next Disney trip, a painting for your bland looking office or anything that makes you you... check out her stuff 


Monday, January 26, 2015


And the Oscar goes to....

Disney of course!! With Award Season going on now it only seemed fitting to celebrate the songs that Disney won or even the greats that were nominated.


See you at this year's Oscars!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Norway Update

It's one of the most talked about projects in Disney World... maybe ever! Norway! So we lost our beloved Malestrom for a new Frozen attraction but that's not the only major change we will see in this country!

More of Arendelle is coming.  A new building actually.  The space between Mexico and Norway will be home to a new structure for meet and greets!!! Disney filed permit paperwork on a new 13,000 sq foot building that will host meet and greets with some of your favorite Frozen characters and a new restroom spot too... you know you'll have to go after waiting online to see Anna and Elsa for 5 hours!

No word yet on if it's just Anna and Elsa but Olaf started his mainstay at Disneyland so I'm hopeful!

The first phase of Norway's construction is set to open in 2016!



Outfit of the Week

We're bringing back the Disney outfits... Trust me I got plenty lol

Since the show was all about the guys of Disney this week I had to represent with one of my favorite Disney fellas... Stitch!!!

Stitch Sweater and Peter Pan (another one of my boys) watch courtesy of Hot Topic... Speaking of Hot Topic don't forget to cash in your hot cash right now!!!

Vera Bradley's latest Disney tote is from as well as my awesome Alex and Ani bracelets!
Go get your Disney outfit on...

Monday, January 12, 2015


Today's show is all about the ladies of Disney!

From Minnie to Ariel, Ursula and Elsa!



Sunday, January 11, 2015

Disney's 12 Movies of 2015

2014 was a big year in the box office for our favorite company! Disney made $3.4 billion last year with blockbuster hits like Guardians of the Galaxy (the #1 movie of 2014) and Maleficent.

2015 will be even BIGGER though! Disney is planning on releasing 12 movies this year.... Let's take a look


          Jan 23: (Alan Cummings, Evan Rachel Wood and Maya Rudolph)
This is from the mind of George Lucas. Inspired by Shakespere's A Midsummer Night's Dream, this animated film is about goblins and fairies meeting for the first time.

2- McFarland, USA

         Feb 20: (Kevin Costner)
Just about every year it seems we get a sports related picture.  This film is based on the true story of a Latino high school cross country team from McFarland, California, that negotiates its way through social issues to win a championship during the 1980s. 


        March 13: (Lily James, Helena Bonham Carter, Cate Blanchett)
Probably the most anticipated movie from Disney this year! Like Maleficent, this movie will be based off the original animated movie but feature a few changes.


        April 17: (An adorable family of monkeys)
Another Earth Day... Another film from Disneynature. This one is about a family of monkeys in the South Asian Jungle.


       May 1: (Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth.... )
Not even a question that this film is going to be one of the biggest hits of 2015! The highly anticipated sequel will feature all your favorite superheroes from the first film and some new characters.


        May 22: (George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson, Judy Greer)
We've had movies based on Disney rides so why not movies based on lands in Disney theme parks?! This movie is about a rather curious teenage boy that discovers his own kind of Wonderland. 


         June 19: (Amy Poehler, Mindy Kahling, Lewis Black)
Finally another Pixar movie!! We went 2014 without one so we knew they were working on something BIG! The movie takes us inside the human mind and how it operates.  The movie focuses on a young girl, Riley, whose family is moving across country and the emotions she faces... trust me it's funnier than it sounds!


        July 17: (Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lily, Michael Douglas)
Another Marvel film for 2015, but this one introduces to a new kind of superhero? Criminal? ... Character! Ant-Man was a hero created with a substance to decrease in size, like an ant, while increasing in strength.


        Oct 9: (Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Christopher Walken, Lupita Nyong'o, Scarlett Johansson, Idris Elba)
The next classic animated movie to get a new modern live action look.  This new all star cast is taking on this classic movie... no details yet but it looks quite interesting.


       Oct 16: (Amy Ryan, Alan Alda, Billy Magnussen, Eve Hewson) While this movie remains untitled it is shaping up to be quite promising... Tom Hanks Speilberg The Coen Brothers making a spy thriller... yea! The movie is based on a true story of attorney James Donovan. 


        TBD: (Neil Patrick Harris, John Lithgow, Frances McDormand, Bill Hader)
Yup, we get 2 movies from Pixar this year!! This one has been in the works for awhile and has an awesome and hysterical cast! This movie explores the world if Dinosaurs were still around.  The movie centers around an unlikely friendship between human and a teenage dinosaur.


        Dec 18: (Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher... )
Ok... Those other 11 movies are going to make Disney very happy in 2015 but this one is going to be one of the highest grossing, most talked about blockbusters!! Lots of controversy over this film between JJ Abrams directing and let's face it Disney joining forces with Lucasfilms but regardless it is going to dominate!

So what do you think?! What movie are you looking forward to most this year?!

I'll see you at the movies...

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cinderella Dancing To The Big Screen Soon

How epic does this look!!!!!
So this comes out in March... what should Disney's next big remake be?!

Tale As Old As Time

I've heard of weddings in Disney, Disney themed weddings but this one is a new one...

An Australian couple exchanged their vows in front of a congregation of characters... yup all their friends and family dressed in their Disney Character Best and so did the bride and groom... I mean Beauty and the Beast!

Once I got past the Flinstones (totally not Disney) I thought this was cute and the bride and groom really looked so magical!

What do you think about this idea for a wedding?!


We All Let It Go.... But This is the Cutest

I'm with this little guy... every time I hear a Disney song or Idina this is basically what happens!

I think he nailed this move, what about you?