Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Return of Ryan!

Ryan Gosling is just one of those guys you want to be part of the Disney franchise... once a Mouseketeer always a Mouseketeer right ;)

Well looks like our wish may becoming true!

In 2003 Eddie Murphy stared in The Haunted Mansion and while it made $182 million worldwide it's not a crowd favorite but maybe a remake would be?!

Rumor has it our Mouseketeer Ryan Gosling will be staring in this remake. The remake of the movie was announced in 2010 with Guillermo Del Toro directing.  Recently Del Toro and Gosling were spotted in Disneyland together... doing some research ;)

This new movie will feature del Toro's favorite characters from the ride and will be a lot darker than the first movie... uh oh?! At the 2010 Comic Con the director said, "If you take the children they will scream. We're making the haunted mansion the most haunted place on earth."

I'm glad Ryan Gosling could be joining another Disney project but why couldn't he have been casted as The Beast?!


Friday, April 10, 2015


Need to brighten your day.... check out this happy little video!

My Disney Side

~Christina Kay

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Disney's Easter Eggs

In honor of Easter it seems fitting to talk about Easter Eggs... and not the kind that you attempted to make works of art or the plastic ones, but the ones hidden in Disney movies!  The Pixar movies are FULL of them!

Example: Look who found Nemo! (Fun fact: There are a lot of Disney friends hidden in this scene)

Some aren't as obvious but let's see if you can find them... answers on bottom of this post
1. UP
Pixar Easter Eggs Up Lotso
Pixar Easter Eggs Buzz batteries
5. CARS 2
Pixar Easter Eggs Gastows Cars 2
And Pixar movies aren't the only Disney movies that do this... check out some of the classics!
My Goofy looks good anywhere... roaming around the parks and even under the sea!
Answers (no cheating)
1. Lotso and the Pixar ball
2.The Shadow forms Dug
3. Doc Hudson is parked to the left
4. The batteries are from the company in Walle.... BNL
5. The restaurant from Ratatouille
Of course there are many many more!
I will leave you with one more for my Frozen and Big Hero 6 fans....
Have A Happy Easter!!! ~CK

Friday, April 3, 2015

World's Fair Again

We all know about the World's Fair somehow... whether we experienced it first hand or saw the videos/ articles... you know how epic it is! From the Carousel of Progress to It's A Small World Walt Disney always was a part of this epicness in some way. Well now it's this generations chance to experience it because The Walt Disney Company has bought the grounds and plans on opening a new World's Fair next year!!

That means a touch of Disney closer to home! Disney plans on making this an annual music and technology festival. Apple and IBM are also on board along with Tesla that will create a Tesla test track! There are also plans to create an official Anthony Bourdain food court that will allow guests to try foods from around the world... very Epcot!

In terms of music the CEO of live nation has confirmed U2, JT, Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Lan Del Ray have shown interest in being apart of this event.... YES PLEASE!

Can't wait to see what's to come!