Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Walt Disney World Show 7/18/14

All things WDW for this week's show!! So much fun to be a part of this one! Make sure you catch the results of YOUR WDW FAVORITES QUIZ! 


Thursday, July 24, 2014


Probably one of our favorite shows... All about the music from your favorite Disney princesses! And speaking of your favorites, you voted and we counted down YOUR top 10 Disney Princesses in the second hour! Hope you enjoy this show as much as we did!!

Did your favorite make the Top 10?!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

June 29th Show- Disney Channel Part 2

What time is it?! Disney Channel Part 2 Baby!!!

This is our second Show that features all your favorites from Disney Channel! 

WDW Favorites... YOU Decide!

Tomorrow is our All Things WDW show and we want you to be a part of it!!

Vote for your favorite... and feel free to share a special story about any of these topics

1- Which Disney World Theme Park is your favorite?

 Let's Talk Attractions...

 2- Favorite Ride

 3-  Favorite Show?

4- Which of the many parades over the years has been your favorite?

5- It's time to the end the day at the parks.. which firework show/ nighttime spectacular must you see?

6- Which is your favorite WDW Resort?

I'm hungry...

7- What's your favorite Table Service Restaurant?

8- How about Quick Service?

9- Favorite WDW Park Snack?

10- Every season/month has something different and fun to offer at WDW, which one is your favorite?

11- Favorite way to Travel around Disney?

And my personal favorite..

12- Favorite character to see in the parks?

13- What character would you like to see in the parks? (maybe a rare one or a character who hasn't been out in awhile or ever)

Happy Disney Test Taking!!! Thanks Mousketeers!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It's A FROZEN Summer?!

Well at Disney's Hollywood Studios anyway! Daily character processions, sing-alongs and a nightly party all centered around Frozen.  So we all have a sing a long or two based on the movie, ok maybe in your shower.  I personally had a Frozen party and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has.  But let's talk about this procession....

July 5th- September 1st Anna, Kristoff and Elsa will be involved!!! Oh and I forgot to mention an ice skating rink, ice carving station and more like..... FROZEN THEMED FIREWORKS!!! EPIC!

Yea need to be there!!! Are you checking it out?! 


Classic Disney Show 6/20/14

There's a big debate over CLASSIC DISNEY SONGS and TIMELESS DISNEY SONGS. You chimed in and told us what songs YOU consider to be classic! Great lineup in store so sit back relax and enjoy classic Disney!

6/13/14 Mouseketeer Radio

My Grandpa recently passed in December and his birthday is today.  Since I can't get him anything I am hopeful he can hear all of his favorite Disney songs being played! He loved Disney, had his favorite  movies, characters, songs and of course restaurants in Disney.  I hope you enjoy some of his favorites!

Miss you Grandpa... I know you and Walt Disney are having a grand ole time!

Maleficent The Magnificent

Everyone thought I was gonna hate Disney's latest movie but I was pleasantly surprised! I have always been fascinated with this Disney villain, especially after meeting her at the Unleash the Villains event last year. Two key things about this movie... Try and separate the classic Disney animated film from this one! Once you do that you will love it.  The ending may surprise you but I liked it! I'm a sucker for happy endings so I appreciated how it ended.

Prince Phillip...  Although he is Aurora's true love his kiss does not wake her, as it does in the animated movie.  Don't let that bother you! I like to think that Maleficent put the spell on her so her kiss had to wake her.  The movie is not supposed to be about him but did you see the end of the movie... they are still together!

(Tanks courtesy of Hot Topic... I'm telling you they have the coolest Disney clothes!)

I think Disney did a great job on this one! What did you think?!