Monday, June 9, 2014

The Music of Magic Kingdom

So much amazing music in the Happiest Place on Earth... especially Magic Kingdom! From the music on main street you hear while taking a stroll, the amazing attraction soundtracks and let's not forget about the epic fireworks and parade music...

We covered it all this week on Mousketeer Radio!

Idina Menzel Show 5/31/14

... Happy Birthday to my favorite girl and our Elsa IDINA MENZEL!! This show is all for you.....

Music from her favorite movies, Enchanted, Frozen and more!


Incredibly Frozen

Frozen is perhaps the most successful film Disney has ever created.  Between the merchandise flying out of stores, the 4 hour wait time to meet Anna and Elsa... get on that fastpass plus if you want to see them, but perhaps my favorite thing to see down there was this....

No matter where you were going you stopped to watch this... EPIC! Very clever Disney!


Happy Birthday Donald!

Happy Birthday Donald!! Looking good for 90 man! Here's a few facts about everyone's favorite duck (Male that is... don't take offense Daisy) that you may not know....

Donald Duck first appearance was in the animated short The Wise Little Hen on June 9, 1934 and since then gone to star in seven feature films! Oh and he is an Oscar winner too!

His middle name, yup he's got one, is Fauntleroy.  He is the only major Disney character with a middle name!

He is 6 years younger than his best friend, Mickey Mouse.

He is the only popular film and TV cartoon character to be a mascot for a major American University, yup Oregon University... ok should have gone there lol

You may know he has 3 nephews... Huey, Dewey and Louie.. but did you know he has a twin sister named Dumbella?!  

And the list goes on! Happy Birthday to the loveable crankpot that is Donald. Hopefully Chip and Dale won't bust his chops today... I'm sure that'd be a nice gift!


Heigh Ho Heigh Ho... Another Disney Must Go!

Hey Mousketeers! Missed you but oh my did I have a blast in Disney! 

So many new things happening down in The Happiest Place on Earth...

Let's talk The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train....

How fun does that look?! Well it was amazing! It had the perfect amount of thrills and family fun! Think Big Thunder Mountain meets Snow White's Scary Adventure.  There are a few hills on this attraction, nothing like Splash Mountain, and lots of twists and turns! What really makes the turns more thrilling is the way your mine car moves. The individual cars sway!! Brilliant!!! The turns come so close to onlookers and add in the sway and you're in for a great time!! My family and I tried out the New Fantasyland thrill in both the front, middle and end.  

Now let's talk classic Disney touches.... The Dwarves are there!! You actually go in the mine and hang out with them! These are unlike any other audio animatronics Disney has done in the past! These are absolutely amazing! You'll be singing Heigh Ho right along with these seven cuties.. I guarantee it! 

My family and I tried out the New Fantasyland thrill in both the front, middle and end.  The front is great for taking in the scenery and the surprise at the end! Riding on the end is like a whole different ride! It goes faster and sways more... definitely recommend requesting if you're looking for a thrilling time! 

One of my new favorites for sure! So great to see New Fantasyland complete... Bravo Disney!! You never stop blowing my mind!