Monday, April 28, 2014

Thriller Meets Frozen

Elsa can't just rock it out to Let It Go but a little MJ too! Yup.... so epic!! 


Mickey Mouse Monday

Happy Monday... it's always a happy one when you've got Mickey and are taking a spin on The Tea Cups in Disney...

Animal Kingdom 4/25/14 Show

In honor of Animal Kingdom's 16th birthday we dedicated this week's show to the music of the park!

Can you believe Animal Kingdom turned 16?! Crazy!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Aladdin: The Voiceovers

A little Easter gift for my fellow Mousketeers...

How cool is this?! It's my goal to do this one day! Have a Happy!!


Happy Easter

Happy Easter... Don't you wish these guys were coming over?!
What a magical gathering that would be!
From all of us here at Mousketeer Radio we wish you a very Happy Easter!! See ya real soon

Friday, April 18, 2014

Disney on Broadway: What You Missed

Lots of amazing feedback to our Broadway show today but a lot of complaints that you missed out on certain shows.. I know I'm right there with you!

You loved the music now here's a deeper glimpse into these amazing Disney shows!

Beauty & The Beast:
Cannot even express my love for this show enough! Please come back!!

Mary Poppins:
One of the greatest shows to come to Broadway for sure!

This video doesn't even do it justice... so good!)

Loved Josh Strickland in this show! And Phil Collins is brillant!

Before She played Ursula Sherie Rene Scott was in Aida

The Little Mermaid:

I remember smiling the whole time during this show!

Can't wait to see what Disney has in store for us for the next 20 years!

Maleficent: The Legacy

Friday is movie day! We are another week closer to the highly anticipated movie MALEFICENT! Here's a closer look into the movie... 

Happy 20th Disney on Broadway!

Can't believe it's been 20 years! There are few things in life that are truely life changing and for me this is one of those moments.  Seeing Beauty and the Beast for the first time is a moment I'll never forget! The music and show are still a hige part of my life even though it's no longer on broadway. 

20 years ago the show the opened and since then Disney has brought some amazing shows to life via broadway making us believe in magic and putting a smile on our face, a tear in our eyes and chills running down our spines! Thank you Disney Theatrical Productions for all you do! See you on broadway soon! Happy 20th... to many more magically entertaining years!

Have you seen any Disney shows?! Which was your favorite?!


Disney Outfit of The Week

Well since it's broadway week...
This week's Disney outfit of the week is broadway inspired! Beauty and the Beast tee that I treasure from my very 1st broadway show :) (btw they still have some Beauty and the Beast broadway merch on along with your other favorite Disney shows) I had to pull out my Mickey rain gear which got me thinking of the magic that is Mary Poppins on broadway!
Does the Umbrella look familiar? I'm sure you've picked up one of these beauties in the parks! And the rain boots are one of my most complimented accessories! Got them at Tren D in Downtown Disney in 2011 and am obsessed! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Aladdin on GMA

How appropriate for our broadway week....

The cast of Aladdin hit the stage for a special performance on GMA this morning... Ok it's official I need to check this out!!

Have you seen Aladdin on Broadway yet?!

Broadway and Disney... it doesn't get much better than that!


Dancing With The Stars Most Magical Night!

Did you watch Dancing With The Stars last night?! It was DISNEY NIGHT aka the most magical of all their shows!

And it really was... there were tears, perfect scores and awesome costumes. Donny Osmond was guest judge and was GREAT!! Let's not forget his connection with Disney... Walt Disney discovered his brothers, Donny played Gaston on broadway AND let's not forget his contribution to MULAN!

These were a few of the show's highlights....




Favorite episode so far! Who had your favorite performance of the night?!

(There were also a few mistakes... butchering of That's How You Know and editing problems for Under The Sea but other than that it was very enjoyable)

Are those songs stuck in your head now... your welcome :)


Monday, April 14, 2014

Mickey Mouse Monday

This week is all about the big white way... BROOOOAAAADWAY!!!

Mickey Mouse is no stranger to the stage....

How classic is this?! Come grace us in NY with your presence soon Mickey!!


Disney Heroes Show 4/11/14

Did you miss our 2nd show?!? Time to catch up on our heroes show....

What did you think? Did we play your favorite hero?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

They're Baaaack!!



Not enough for ya?! Same! That's why I did some research and found out Mr. Feeney will be in the debut episode and Minkus is back baby!! Also most of the original cast will be in the show's holiday episode later this year :)
Girl Meets World premieres this summer on Disney Channel and expected to be their highest rated sitcom premiere yet!
Will you be watching?!

Goofy Takes On Disneyland

This may be the greatest thing I have ever seen!!

I love stuff like this! Anything my Goofy is involved in puts the biggest smile on my face.. and do you see how dapper his outfits are :)
Great job as always Disney!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Disney Outfit of The Week

This week is all about Heroes on Mousketeer Radio!! In honor of our theme this OOTD goes out to one of my new favorite heroes from Once Upon A Time, HOOK!! Captain Hook was always one of my favorites and just love that he is a hero in this show... although Peter Pan is a villian!

Thanks HOT TOPIC for this amazing shirt... they really do have the best clothes! Oh and when you spend $30 now through April 23rd you can get hot cash... trust me it comes in handy!!

Who is your favorite Once hero?


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4/4/14 Show #1

Missed our 1st show?! Here's your chance to check it out and relive the magic! Enjoy!


Our Top 5:

Christina- Circle of Life, Out There, Strangers Like Me, Colors of the Wind, Belle

Charlie- A Whole New World, Hakuna Matata, Under The Sea, You've Got A Friend
In Me, Splash Montain Medley

Will- I'll Make A Man Out Of You. First Time, Go The Distance, Two Worlds, He Lives In  You

Lots of your requests in the show as well!

Music We Talked Over: Frozen, Lion King, Alice in Wonderland and Mickey Mouse March

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mickey Monday

Happy Mickey Monday!!

Today's Mickey pic is in honor of our Hero themed week. Sorcerer Mickey kicks some villain butt in Fantasmic!

Just love the ending of this show... The Music... The Boat with the Characters and then Sorcerer Mickey comes out on the top and the fireworks go off and then he magically appears at the bottom = Amazingly Magically and our hero!


Captain America Defeats The Box Office

Captain America continues to soar to the top of the Super Hero charts! This weekend our favorite Avenger broke new records at the box office! $96.2 MILLION... YUP! Pretty awesome opening weekend!  The midnight showings alone made $10.2 Million!!!

So why is the movie doing so well? Well the first Captain America movie did well, Chris Evans is the perfect eye candy, and sales in all Marvel movies has risen since the 2012 smash The Avengers!

"When you put the name Marvel on a movie, we think that it gives us essentially a head start with the audience," Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger told analysts during a conference call in February.

So did you see it... Thoughts?! 


Btw who is your favorite Disney hero?! We are all about Heroes Friday on Mousketeer Radio! 

Circle of Life: Plane Edition

Can you imagine getting on the plane and this is happening?! Welcome to a very magical flight! #InMyDreamsThis Happens

The Australian touring cast of The Lion King was off to Sydney and got in a little rehearsal before they took off.

Where am I when these things happen?!